Knowing what “turns on” the man of your dreams, or any man for this matter, is an important first step in making him fall head over heels in love with you. However, most girls don’t know what exactly turn on men. Hence, while you may want him to feel sexy, not knowing his greatest turn-on points will mean you will not succeed. Read on for learning how men “click” in this regard.

  1. Revealing your wild Side

Guys like to be with the cute and sweet girlfriends who they can present to their families. However, to make him truly desire you, you have to show him your wild side, not only be the nice girl for him. Nothing turns a man more on than knowing that his gal can be on the naughty and wild side as well.

So laugh out like you’ve gone nuts, welcome him home while wearing your sexy lingerie or even record yourself and show him your nudes. He needs to know that you too have a mysterious side.

  1. Flirting

Even after you’ve been going out with him for some time, this doesn’t mean you should shy away or refrain from flirting with him. Grab his hands and wrap them around your waist. Talk dirty with your guy and play role games in public.

One such game is to talk with him at a coffee shop while acting as if you were complete strangers. Flirt with him outrageously. Flirt and let him know your love is still wild and young.

  1. Telling Him what you like him to do

Telling him what you like, as well as enjoying it when he does it in bed, is a great turn on for most guys, and it serves two main purposes. The first one is that it lets your man know the positions and techniques that get you going the most, which he will enjoy a great deal. The second purpose is that telling him what you want is a subtle ego-massage for him, as he feels you trust and feel comfortable with him even when it comes to intimate topics.

If there is a certain way of kissing or making love to you that you prefer, tell him. Describe to him what he should do to turn you on, and make sure you are as detailed as possible.

  1. Taking the initiative

Men find it quite hot when a woman takes control and is the one to initiate things. Therefore, if you usually leave it up to him to get things going in the bedroom, change roles and be the one initiating things, instead. Don’t just let him do everything.

Missionary style is a loving and comfortable way of making love, but having other tricks and positions up your sleeve will turn your guy on a great deal and will leave him wanting more. An added advantage is that when you show him those new moves, he’ll learn and please you more. So this is a win-win for you and him!

  1. Touching

Whether it is just a light touch on his arm, or letting your hand wander up and down his thighs while you watch a movie, touching is a great turn-on for most guys. He will want you to touch him some more. It’s important though that you know where to use firm and slight touches. Also, try to stick to the sensitive areas such as his arms, the back of his neck, or his lower back and upper chest.

  1. Talk dirty in Bed

We’ve already mentioned how men generally like women who don’t hesitate to show their wild side. They also love it when you talk dirty to them while actually being in bed with him. Whisper some dirty words in his ear and watch his mind explode with excitement.

Talk a little dirty with him in bed and reveal to him your wildest thoughts. Ask him to do really dirty things to you. It will make him go crazy for you.


The secret to a man loving you intensely lies within the secret to what turns him on in you. Unfortunately, not too many girls really understand the things that turn on men in a relationship. Simple things like taking the initiative, talking dirty in bed, telling him what you like him to do and touching him appropriately are important turn-ons for most guys.