Were you recently dumped? Do you need help with how to deal with a breakup? Without a doubt, relationship breakups can be a terrible and often devastating thing for most people.

You’re about to learn 4 different types of breakups and the strategies you’ll need to fix them. Keep in mind that not all relationships can or should be repaired. You just need to know the right techniques for each type of breakup.

Here are the 4 types of breakups to know:

1. The Abusive Relationship Breakup

If your spouse or significant other was abusive (physically or emotionally), then this type of breakup should remain a breakup. Unlike the other breakup types, this one can and should stick. There’s a chance you might be considering returning to that person who abused you. However, you need to let this person go. Nobody should ever have to put up with any abuse from a partner.

2. The Mutual Relationship Breakup

Once in a while, both people in the relationship may want out for one reason or another. This type ends by mutual consent. If this type of breakup was truly mutual, then there’s no need to repair anything. However, if this was really one of the next two types of relationship breakup, then that’s a completely different matter.

3. When They Broke Up With You

This is usually the most painful type of breakup. How do you deal with a breakup like this? You first have to figure out why this relationship ended. For instance, did you fail to spend enough time with the other person? Were you honestly at fault for anything else?

After you establish this, you then have to decide if this is something you could or should fix. If it is something fixable, then be sure to take action and do what you have to do (legally and ethically).

4. When You Broke Up With Them

From time to time, we break up with someone and then realize we threw away something really good. If this happens, your first step is to rebuild trust with that person you dumped. This basically means you’re going to start the relationship over. You need to start off slow, with coffee dates or something similar, and then work your way slowly to rebuilding and repairing your relationship.