So he smiles at you and you see those dimples appear when he calls out your name. You notice a spark in his eyes when he talks to you and you can feel genuine care in his voice.

Are these the signs that he is interested in becoming more than a friend? How can you tell if he is really interested in you? How do you know if he feels towards you the same way you might feel towards him?


Even if he might give you subtle signs, you might just not notice them. However, if you start paying close attention to some of these signs, you will know whether he is attracted to you the way you are attracted to him.

So why doesn’t he tell you? It’s because of his fear of being rejected by you, and also because of the fact that he values your friendship too much to risk it.

Read on to learn about some definite signs that he sees more in you than “just” his friend.

  1. He initiates

One way to know that a guy likes you is if he goes out of his way to be with you as much as he can. He will want to start conversations even if that means just saying “Hi”. While some guys are shy even they will try to muster the courage to ask you out in order to spend some quality time with.

  1. He remembers everything about You

In most cases, guys don’t remember all the things girls tend to babble about on a daily basis. It takes someone special to listen and remember everything you do and say in detail. For him to do that, it means he is interested in you in a way that is more than simple friendship. You may be tempted to think he is just being polite but the truth is that he cares about you a lot.

Hence, when you notice that he listens, I mean listening and paying maximum attention to anything you say or do, then just know he’s up to something.

  1. He strives to always look good

Men care about how they look just like women do. In the same way that women won’t leave the mirror until that winged eyeliner is perfect, guys too will not drop the mirror until they are sure of the perfect fit of their hair. If he is making all the effort to be the best he can be in the looks department, he is certainly up to something.

In order to send him to cloud number nine, just compliment him on his looks. After all, he dressed to impress you, which is why the least you can do is to make sure he knows you noticed it.

  1. He is happy to see you

If you can tell that he is happy to see you, it means he likes you and wants to be with you all the time. It is one of the sure-fire signs that he has a crush on you. I’m sure you too would light up if your crush walks in.

  1. He tells his Friends

Another way to know your guy sees more in you than just his friend is if he tells his other friends about you. Either his close friends will tell you or you can ask them in a clever way to find out. If he is talking to his close friends about you, know something special is up his sleeves. He could also be trying to ask other people whether you like him.

  1. His Body Language changes

Through his body language, you can tell when a man is in love. When he laughs nervously or constantly needs to play with something in his hands, he might be nervous because of you. However, remember that guys tend to be shy at times, and this means he might never show any signs at all as he is trying hard to confine himself as much as he can.

  1. He talks to you in different Way than he does to everybody else

Be keen and listen to how he talks to you compared to the way that he does talk to other people, especially his other female friends.

Is he paying special attention to your conversations? Does he crack jokes more often or does he treat you more warmly?

If so, then this is a strong sign he is into you more than a friend. The fact that he is treating you differently than his other friends means you mean more to him than the others do.


Sometimes, it is not easy to know whether he loves you and is ready to take things to the next level. Some guys are naturally shy and may not be open with you as to how they feel towards you. However, consciously or subconsciously they will always drop subtle signs that you can notice.

If he treats you differently from the way he handles his other friends, if he tells his friends about you, or if you can tell he is really happy when he sees you and always dresses to impress you, you can be certain that he is definitely interested in becoming more than simply your “buddy”-friend.