1. Sleep nude together. Physical intimacy isn’t just sex, its being close and feeling safe. Breasts can use support, so do that, but let everything else tangle and dangle.
  2. Trim the hedge and the balls, unless scent gardens are really your thing
  3. Tell each other you love each other often, daily if possible
  4. Instead of letting things annoy you, find solutions
  5. Be true partners, engage each other, care about the things that matter to both of you and to each of you
  6. Don’t be the jealous type, its just not worth it.

Here’s the last thing. A lot is said of establishing balance in relationships. But the truth is, its your relationship that is your ship, it’s your commitment, needs, and ideologies that together act as your rudder, and it’s the winds and weather pushing your sails that are your life events unfolding over time.

The point is it’s logical to expect the weather to shift and change. And so expect you and your partner to change, and so then expect your ship that is your relationship to change.

On its maiden voyage your ship should feel strong and even keeled, and ready to chart a course toward life’s challenges. But know that it won’t always be so strong. Remember to invest in yourself so you can be strong for both of you, and for yourself.